These are some of the books published by Phra Terry since the 1960s.  Most of the titles have undergone several reprints since their original debuts and 3 of them are currently out-of-print; these are The Altitude, Sammā Diṭṭhi and Sammā Samādhi II.  There are also unpublished manuscripts awaiting publication and we will bring them out as soon as practicable.


We are happy to have you download the online versions of the books without charge, provided it is for your own use and not for commercial resale.  We do request that you acknowledge the download source and, more importantly, the authorship of the books.  You may freely photocopy and quote from the books and, in this regard, please do acknowledge both the authorship and our site, as well.

The Life and Teaching of Chao Khun Mongkol-Thepmuni and The Dhammakaya

Vistas -

Buddhist Insights into Immortality

Samma Samadhi II - Being an Exposition of the Attainments derived from Samatha Vipassana

Samma Ditthi -

A Treatise on Right Understanding

Altitude and the Buddhist Experience

The Long View - An Excursion into Buddhist Perspectives

Brood of Time - Being echoes from a Distant Spring

The Human Spirit and The Universal Ideal

Untravelled World in Search of a Soul


​under the pen name,

Constantine Quest


​under the pen name,

Constantine Quest


​under the pen name,

Constantine Quest

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