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About Us

This website is set up by a handful of disciples of Luang Phor Mongkol-Thepmuni, who had experienced the frustrations and difficulties of finding works of Luang Phor’s Teachings in English, until we found the Venerable Suratano Bhikkhu’s (Phra Terry’s) works.  Phra Terry himself experienced the same difficulties, which prompted him to work on translating Luang Phor’s Teachings from the 1950s onwards.  We are also disciples of Phra Terry and we support the publication of his works online and in printed form.

As a non-profit organisation and, as amateurs, we undertake the designing, maintenance, operation and all associated functions of this website.  The books that are available online are digital copies of extant titles.  To make them more appealing to readers, we have added sub-titles, pictures and brief editorial updates to the online versions; and, do intend in later editions, to include indices, glossaries, references, etc. as well, for researchers into the Dhamma.

10th Anniversary – Refreshing our Website

Time flies. We are already 10 years old having gone “live” online on 1st January 2007. We most certainly hope all those who have downloaded our books have profited from them over the years. And, will continue to benefit from them for a long time.

As the Dhamma is always pristine and eternal; and always fresh and relevant, it is our belief that our website should be so, too. 

Thus, we have boldly availed ourselves of current marvellous self-designing technology and art to refresh our site this month, to make it even more appealing and easier to navigate.  If you think we (as amateurs) can still do better, please let us know. Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

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